Head to Head: Dildos vs Vibrators

August 31, 2020

It’s no secret that the world of sex toys always relied on these two phallic products. Both the dildos and vibrators are seen as supreme leaders once it comes to self-pleasure. Seeing how they appear to lurk from every corner these days, it’s pretty normal to see them as competitors for the throne. But have you ever really wondered which one was the best sex toy?


The logical place to start this debate is certainly in terms of the way they look. One could say that’s pointless since they both resemble an actual penis — but is it that simple? We think there’s a bit more to it. Therefore, let’s embark on this penile journey with design in our sight first.

Trying hard to look like actual male genitals, dildos come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some of them are all about the penis, while others appear with visible testicles too. That’s a plus since when you try fully embracing the idea of having a man between your legs, you’d certainly like to feel his ball sack down there.

Also, dildos, besides replicating the actual look of a penis, often venture into fantasy territory. For example, there are animal-like or even mythical creature dildos. Some might have special features, but they’re mostly there to spice your dreams up.

On the other hand, vibrators are more about utility, but the size can add to the experience. Have you heard that there are huge variants at LG?. Besides ranging from realistic penises to minimalistic-space-like toys or a shape of a rose, they are certainly way more artistic. You’ll usually see penile-shaped but abstract products, but their aesthetics are rather subjective. So the first round is somewhat of a draw in our eyes.

Ease of Use

What’re good looks when you can’t use the damn thing the way you’d want to? Practicality is an essential feature in case you’re having trouble making up your mind about two similar products. So, how do dildos and vibrators compare when it comes to ease of use? Let’s find out right now.

Dildos are manual toys, meaning you’d have to do all the work yourself. No matter how big or cool-looking the toy is, your hands will need to put some effort into satisfying your body. That isn’t an inherently bad thing, but knowing what you’re going to do next really breaks the impression of being with another person.

Once it comes to vibrators, they’re all about the unexpected. Yes, you control the toy, but its presets will act in ways that’ll keep you guessing. With all kinds of vibration patterns, you’ll rarely find yourself in the same situation. That makes us argue vibrators have the upper hand here.

It’s not like dildos are inadequate, but needing a partner to spice things up can be a problem, which is not the case with vibrators. Stimulating your erogenous zone can benefit from unforeseen patterns and moves. So, we’ll give points to vibrating toys here.


When talking about features and possibilities, we’ll immediately say vibrators offer way more. It’s not like dildos are useless (certainly not), but their mechanical cousins are in a league of their own. Even if dildos have their redeeming features, it’s not a real debate when comparing them. But let’s elaborate on that, shall we?

Your classic dildo will do basic things like penetration and penile-resemblance, but that’s mostly it. You’d have to get a specialized fantasy dildo if you’re looking for something more. For example, the fake canine dick will have a big bulge near the base that will act like additional dog muscles that stick into the female before ejaculation. But besides that, some might have bases that attach to a wall so you can play hands-free.

On the flip side, vibrators have all sorts of adjustable settings. Not only do they have different vibration modes, but they can also be controlled remotely. That makes them great sex toys for couples since the two of you can play together even if separated. Providing powerful vibrations even when your partner’s not around will certainly prove to be a big win in our book.


When talking materials, we’ve got a pretty even game here since dildos and vibrators can come in all sorts of forms. They’re mostly made from grade-A silicone, but it’s not uncommon to see a toy made from something else. It’s essential to consider the material since it dictates lots of things. For example, the overall experience, health, and safety all depend on it.

But like we’ve said, they come in a wide range of materials. You’ve got silicone, plastic, rubber, glass, metal, and so on. All of them have certain features, but you’ll find that the more expensive toys are usually made from silicone and metal. It’s safety plus the maintenance that’ll make them work.

The cheaper you go, the more of a chance you’ve got of getting a bad model. You should avoid going for toys made from phthalates. This material is toxic, but manufacturers use it to provide you with flexibility. It’s okay to have some of it, just don’t buy jelly dildos because they’re full of it.

Parts Stimulated

Lastly, we’d like to compare them in terms of what kind of stimulation dildos and vibrators offer. After all, this, combined with the ease of use, is surely the most important category we could think of. You’ll be looking to get the toy that can do the most things while still being practical and easy to use. So, let’s see what they offer.

There’s no denying that dildos are great toys. But once it comes to their versatility, they fall short. Yes, we know, you could use them for both vaginal penetration and anal sex, but that’s about it. It’ll just pierce the hole, and there’s unfortunately not much else involved.

However, vibrators are way more resourceful. Sex toys for women thrive on spot and clitoral stimulation. The best orgasms come from rabbit, bullet, and rumbly vibrators. To reach a climax of your life, you’ll need to work the clit off instead of replicating penetrative sex.

Overall Stats

  • Design — Subjectivity aside, dildos are way more into fantasy while vibrators are more artistically inclined.
  • Ease of Use — It’s not that there’s no need for you to do anything, but vibrators have all kinds of preset patterns that’ll make every session unique.
  • Features — The overall versatility of vibrators, unfortunately, puts dildos to shame.
  • Materials — It’s important not to purchase cheap jelly dildos — they’re not good.
  • Parts Stimulated — There’s no better way to reach an orgasm than through clitoral stimulation with a bullet vibrator.