Eurotrip: Old World Fast Food

My girlfriend, Carey, and I took a trip to London and Paris last month. Though our intent was to relax and step away from work, I couldn’t help but sample the local fast food. I did want to share this post so that when if anyone of you ever visits Europe must be aware of the difference in the taste of even the most popular franchises in the world.

Old World Fast Food

Popular Wisdom among those who have traveled to Europe says that their fast food is of a higher quality than ours.  Ultimately, I think that isn’t true. ran posts on all of my European Fast Food adventures.  When I compared McDonald’s in France to France’s own chain, Quick, I found that the quality of the McDonald’s wasn’t substantially higher.  I came to the same conclusion while trying McDonald’s in the UK and Burger King in the UK. Only KFC in England tasted slightly better to me.

On average, European Fast Food comes at a much higher price, relatively speaking, to American fast food.  But, I didn’t see an enormous difference in quality.  There may be a slight edge to Europe, but it would be very, very slight.  I attribute the perceived difference in quality to the “grass is greener on the other side” effect.
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